Sunday, March 15, 2015 Y 9:14 PM

I wrote pretty much all this material over a year ago when I was feeling like no one in this world could ever give in to being with something like me. It was a time when the wind blew and I stood outside holding my mouth open to catch anything that came in. It's like that time was something where part of my being had given up. But I'm happy not to feel like that anymore, at least not today. I'm not an easy person, not because I'm difficult, but because.... well, yeah.

Discobelle premiered our new video for "Better Off Alone" too.

I remember finally listening to the first edit for our "Heartbeats" remix on the Staten Island Ferry as we were passing right through the Statue of Liberty. John and I were coming back from a long day in the city headed back home. Now I'm here at home needed to go clean and walk the dogs. 

"3" is going to be out everywhere tomorrow including iTunes and Spotify. 

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