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a piece by me

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Y 10:30 PM

This mixtape was inspired by my trip to Mexico City. I think that had I known as much as I do now I would have been on my back and onstage way more often. I feel like for the first time in my life I felt like I was in love with my youth, with life, and with everything! In many ways being there has helped me grow and expand my own views... if you will it was my genesis.

From vogue-ing at Patrick Miller's, to dancing all night, to pulque, to cruising and being felt up on the metro, to being arrested at gay pride, to going to a rave at La Roma -- this tape serves up some of the sounds, and feelings, that I experienced in el DF. There are also some of the most popular songs that were playing all over the streets and trains included in this tape.

p.s when white people visit brown cities/countries suddenly they are cool but when brown people go to brown cities/countries they're just going to their homeland -- wtf.

p.p.s I can't wait to go back, I can't wait to feel alive all over again.

p.p.p.s seriously that taxi song had me losing my shit every time it came on. At Cabaret Tito Punto Y Aparte in La Zona Rosa (10 peso beers from 4-6 pm) I would always dance onstage and when that song came on I was literally using the rails and putting on soft-core porn up there. Even at Chris Owens in NOLA I felt the holy spirit come inside of me, I lost my shit.

Roobie Breastnut - Stick It In
Ritualz - Eye (ft. How I Quit Crack)
SA 42 -Dead Is Calling
Master Genius - Let's Break (El Pajaro Loco)
Click - Duri Duri (Baila Baila)
Las Manos Quietas - Carlos Perez
Fanny Lu - Celos
Los Papis Ra7 & Janeth Guadalupe - Estupido 
Sonido Pancho - Quisiera Regresar A Ti
Yellowman - Strong Me Strong
El Taxi - Pitbull Feat. Osmani García & Sensato

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