Friday, April 26, 2013 Y 3:25 PM

I made this promo film for the upcoming Screamin' Rachael: Queen of House album that I curated. I also had a photoshoot and it was pretty awesome. I'll post those photographs later.

I also styled, and did the makeup for this. As a side note the day before we had an interview with Feast of Fun and so we went to Walgreens because we needed makeup brushes and I had also told Rachael that we needed to amp her nail color because I was wearing OPI's "Just Spotted the Lizard" from the Spiderman collection, and I didn't want her nails to be outshined by mine (she was wearing a muted gold color). So anyways, two days before or so I had seen online (at the polishaholic) that Essie was coming out with a resort collection, "In My Cab-ana"so that stuck in mind, and well it was there as soon as we walked in. We were at the Walgreens on Illinois next to the AMC. So I made her get it and so that's the color that she is wearing in the film. I had actually done her nails 10 minutes before we left, also I made her get Sally Hansen's Rapid-dri top coat, so phew. So if anyone from Essie is listening to this, and when this video goes viral on all those websites from press, I hope you consider this, and decide to send me more info on your collections ;)

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