Monday, June 30, 2014 Y 6:22 PM

voila, here is my new film: SUNDAY. a small film, about the second day. about nothing. 

*****there is a cumshot/ sperm, so do with that information what you will

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Friday, June 20, 2014 Y 6:43 PM

So it's been like two months since my last post but this time my veganism has had no slip-ups, at least intentionally. I mean we all know sometimes anything could slip under our radar! But this will not be as long as my last post simply because well I don't have to. 

Things I've noticed:
Lots of fat loss
Somewhat weight loss
Lots of thin lean muscle showing up
I like love Trader Joe's -- but the selection is still too small. I love you chutney burgers but is can't have you too often. 
Intolerance for oil (or too much of it)
Huge skin improvement 
My tiredness and wanting to eat all the time has subsided. 
Peanut butter, and jelly, may be life companions of mine. 
I get full a lot easier but need to eat again sooner, but not as much. 
I'm kinda grossed out whenever I smell dairy, and when I smell it it's pretty easy to smell it. 
I still eat a million avocados. 
Vegan ice cream, you da bomb. 
My sweets craving has decreased but now I'm eating much better quality sweets because my chocolate isn't composed of chemicals and perfumes. 
Actually eating in general is richer and more fulfilling because pretty much everything I eat doesn't make me sick or uncomfortable. It's hard to feel sick when your diet consists of avocados, peanut butter and potato chips. 
Eating out is a luxury, but also something I've learned not to depend on and am craving it less and less. Culturally it's hard with friends and all but I don't want to eat out often either. It's just not great perhaps because somehow outside food still makes me feel bad/different. 
Not having constant stomach aches and stuff really made me forget what that feeling is like. So now if I ever feel that way I automatically feel like walking or eating something to aide me quick. 

I feel comfortable. And I'm still curious to hear what things you make. I understand now that when vegans and vegetarians get together we talk a lot about food because simply we live off of recommendations and tips. I can see how people on the outside can see this as some sort of annoying habit but it's really the only way I was introduced to things like vegan chorizo and vegan ice cream. So here's some pics below. 

P.s small side note
**+ just because I've eaten things that are supposed to be fake meats it isn't because I miss meat. Or the taste of it. I feel like I miss the memory of the food item from a whole perspective, such as the bread, texture, etc. but I'm not looking or living a life where I'm constantly finding replacements for meats. The fake meats I have gotten have been on a whim, or out of curiosity. I'm not saying there's anything awful about them but they aren't really something, I think, anyone's diet should depend on. 
                         trader joe's vegan hot dogs -- like a little over 2 dollars

  This ginger miso dressing from whole foods is incredible. It really adds a thickness to salads and    makes an amazing pasta. 2.99 or so from whole foods

                   Cherry Chocolate ice cream from Trader Joe's like 3.99 I think. 

                                          vegan chorizo, for 1.99 at Trader Joe's. 
                          There's onions and cactus in the chorizo but it wasn't included. 

I would never buy soy milk (I also like the coconut drink and rice drink)  from anywhere else but Trader Joes because it's the cheapest there as well as the peanut butter (except whole foods). 
Soy milk like 2.99 at Trader Joe's 

    My skin two months ago:

   Me today: 

    Yes those are two small zits on my chin area. But it's from someone cumming on me. C'est la vie. 


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