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Ciao a tutti! Yes I'm hurrrr. Well let's get started on what has been going on and upcoming things from me. A bigger post, yes but I like do whatever.

Thank you to Nicole from Latino Post for writing a feature on me and my work! I feel like I came somewhat out of the closet with this one because I'm finally comfortable revealing my age.

Sometime I also found out Resident Advisor reviewed Screamin' Rachael: Queen of House (the album that I put together) and one yay for a review, two yes it wasn't the best review but these were all issues I knew people would have with the release which is exactly the point of the release being put how it was put together. I'm not saying the reviewer was wrong or w.e but it proved the exact points that Rachael and I discussed would be being brought up when it was time for people to talk about their opinions on this album. Luckily for every so-so review 3 great reviews topped that one. The only thing I will say about this is that first off, thank you for even taking the time to write anything, and second thank you for validating exactly how I thought this album would be reviewed by some. But again, everyone has their opinions and no beef no foul. I'm more happy to have a review from RA :)

Speaking of the album, due to who knows what I did not design nor did I put together the EP vinyl which accompanies this release which I put together but I'm happy that my project has an accompanying vinyl to go along with it because I love this proj so much! It will be coming out in february and below are pics of it. 

Also I designed the new Trax t-shirts with technical help from Boyfriend <3 I'm so happy these are finally out because I was so sick of having shirt with like 5 different logo designs. Finally one uniform shirt, which is also now fully being distributed professionally and being sold around the world [via Sean Kingston]

Also Alina from Belarusian magazine interviewed me and about my work. You'll have to google translate this one tho. Super beautiful layout on this one btw! And super proud of what I said in the interview here is something I said, "In high school teacher Mexican told us, referring to all the "brown" children: "If you're different, you need to try twice as hard to be the best. Because from the very beginning you are not perceived as equal. " Can you imagine? So educated generations of Hispanic children in the U.S. - with a sense of worthlessness. Most of your life and values ​​do not mean anything, you need to work hard to be respected more." -- this of course is the google translation and I even brought up Tyra Banks but the idea is there and I do not remember verbatim what I said, lol

and then in case you didn't know I am learning Italian and I started posting videos on youtube on my progress and stuff. 

and finally a huge announcement regarding my website! I will be removing the existing website and creating a brand new one with a much different design aspect as before. I can not believe it has been four years already! and whoah has it gone through a bunch of changes. The address will still be the same ( but you can view the website as is until the 24th of January. After a new era will begiiiiin. 

Below is one of the older main menus that I had. lol

things for 2014: my book, more monamiejorge†apes, and who knows! 

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