Sunday, June 2, 2013 Y 3:02 AM

i saw this buzzfeed thing on people's studios and was inspired to make this post. my atelier is so dimly lit that i had to use flash to take these pics. enjoiii.
don't be fooled, not just two big blocks -- two big speakers that are part of my 'sound system'

yes, that's a record player; and yes that's the little boots vinyl from last year.

prints, wigs, makeup, cosmetic bags, juicy bag, wires (in the green box)

more prints, stuff in the coach box, negatives in the box 

tripod, prints, paintings

the piece on the left won first place in this thing in high school, it kicked off my life as me.

"business" cards, wires, digi hari, jewelry, in the pink glitter juicy case are all my gel pens and micron pens; everything is actually organized! i just have a lot of stuff.

screamin' rachael promo's i'm working on

supposedly if you have the elephant facing out the window it's good luck, foundation on the wall is from my "Untitled" series -- yeah, it never came off.

that red thing i just got to plant some seeds with leo and GG. two of my scanners and printer are here two.

undeveloped film

that's another speaker. all the speakers wrap around.

film scanner, high school yearbook, moleskine, another mead notebook

this is the 'sound system' motherboard 

see another speaker, rose oil, dog houses nose piercings

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