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So I've been vegetarian for almost three years now and when I did that I happened to surprise most people who were close to me because I was the kinda gurl to triple stack it like there was no tomorrow. I mean, thinking about this, I'm craving that Wendy's cheese, lol. Well not really. I'm probably just craving a memory. But I started going vegan not long ago, and by not long ago I mean it's been barely been two months and by started I mean I've had some cheese here and there and most likely had something with dairy or some animal product in it because I mean everything has something in it and yeah. But if I were to quantify my intake I would say I've been 90 percent vegan. I used to be one of those people who never thought I would even go vegan because I saw no problems with dairy and the like but thanks to BF and sending me links I became informed on the torture that goes into ice cream and pizza and of course my decision is an ethical reason, as opposed to the popular belief that I'm doing this to lose weight. The information is out there, and I'm not going to sit here shouting at everyone why you should not kill animals and torture them because there are much more informed people and this post is more on my health and debunking some ideas. So with that being saiddddddddddddd. I think most people assume you need meat and the likes to survive because the first thing most people have asked me, or assumed of me, is that I may be deficient in essential vitamins or that I'm weaker than other people or whatever. I think it comes from the idea that people who don't consume meat are automatically starving themselves because they are not eating enough. But the reality for anyone is that eating more or even the idea of eating meat doesn't make you healthier, if anything the majority of people are overfed but malnourished. Now, since I transitioned even I at times wondered if I was deficient in something but as my most recent physical has indicated ALL my levels were just fine, no deficiencies except for vitamin D. But I'm a colored person who has been living in a 7 month winter hell, so I can't help that one. My cholesterol was fine, my heart, my blood pressure, etc. if anything I'm most likely the healthiest I've ever been in my whole life. I remember before my transition to deal with my depression that I used one of those blood pressure machines and it came up that I was pre-hypertense. This was when I ate meat. And also, I've noticed in the past month large and ginormous changes in my skin, hair, texture to my skin, and overall I feel much lighter. I've gained this profound glow to my skin and also my hair has turned even softer than I thought was possible. Anytime I ever had any dairy or the like I felt congested and mucus-ey but now I feel like I guess I'm breathing clearer. I also noticed a large reduction in blackheads which were always an issue but not anything crazy or anything. I almost want to say I feel lighter. Also, I have to say I'm constantly eating but eating less at each meal. I used to never feel this mass hunger but now when I'm hungry, she's hungry! 

Couple of things I've adopted now since being vegan:
Drinking black coffee
Drinking soda
Eating tons of peanut butter
Trying not to drink soy milk but rather almond or rice
My sweet tooth has intensified
French fries
I've become a lot more responsible. 
Cooking -- seriously, I never thought I would cook but since I can't go out to eat, I've learned to cook. I've made so much food, and learned to love what I make. Below are somethings I've made

Enchiladas stuffed with mushroom in a chipotle tomato mushroom sauce. 

Vegetable pepper sauce pasta

Tomato coconut pepper milk soup

Pizza! Seriously, pizza is so easy to make. lol

And tons of pbandj's and avocado tacos. 

See my skin below. This is me just out the shower, sans pomade. 

And here is a picture of me doing a side plank. Because I'm really proud of being able to hold my own body weight. 

As for other updatesssss: I have an official Record Store Day release coming out on the 19th and I am preparing to wrap my book up. I recently renovated my website, . I'll make a complete update post once I receive copies of the things in the mail because like yeah. 


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