Thursday, October 31, 2013 Y 2:24 AM

In the beginning I was one of those people that thought that somehow there was some sort of way to become, or at least, create art. Of which is total shit. The only real way it to constantly express yourself and to also allow yourself to live and maybe sometimes not do something "creative". Sometimes you have to absorb and gain to be able to express. What can one express if there is nothing happening to you, vero? So this kinda leads to the lateness in my posts but really I've only been late a week or two, 10 days to share our EP to be exact but yes it is true -- so much can happen in 10 days, let alone one minute or 2 seconds.

So for me this EP really captured for me just emotions I was living and dealing with that would in many ways sound explicitly deranged if spoken out but luckily Boyfriend and I somehow in someways communicate with each other even if I can be extrely unfiltered, with no censor bar, as life should be. Becuase if we all want to censor our true feelings we are therefore invalidating a flow of information and ideas as well as experiences. So for me this EP, while I have my many thoughts on would rather have each person listen to and of course make their own judgements on it. I'm so proud of both of us in the success that we have had and even if nothing ever happened I would be so happy to be able to list off the things that have occured to us. We will continue to work but for now this is our EP. And yes, the album cover looks effed up above, it looks like it does below

danke schön to: the illuminati, Ophex, Teenage Tasteless, our fans, and Embody <3


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