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I asked Boyfriend to make a mixtape inspired by Kinky Boots. Why? Well who ever just asks someone to be inspired by such divine and potent smelling footwear. I love kinky boots because they're this item that people seem to be enthralled by... I think because they're hot?! They are also the youtube porn of the millennium. Sometimes I wake up and think that I would like to have my own series of boots videos but then I don't do it, and then another day goes on.

Boyfriend turned it out on this tape because instead of creating some gross german-sex-like-bondage music he took the idea that kinky boots can be sensual, erotic and overall just as delicate as my ears.
The entire tape is an incredible blend of what I can only wish someone who was deflowering me played in the background as I squirted a bit of blood on the sheets.

Love, don't we all wish we had it?

Get these Boyfriend releases today, they're gorgeneous:

 Find Boyfriend here:

 and find me hiding underneath a bridge!

 1. ID
2. Hudson Mohawke & Wensday Nite - Paint The Stars
3. MYD & Canblaster - Everybody Got To Learn Sometimes
4. Bill Withers - Use Me
5. Branko - Going In Hard feat. Dominique Young Unique (French Fries remix)
6. Divoli S'vere - Runway Wek
7. DJ Sliink - Put Cha Back In It
8. Warboy feat. Tamer Wilde - It's So... Fashion
9. Mario Moretti - Cruising Speed
10. Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf
11. Wham! - Everything She Wants (Thomas Blondet edit)
12. ID
13. Kinky - Fuk My Man
14. Pablito Mix - Pika Pake Pike (Remix)
15. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Amy Grante Baile Maicon remix)
16. Makina del Karibe - El Maki Man (Daniel Haaksman Ghetto remix)
17. Yuji Nomi Youko Honna - Country Road
18. Danute Neimontaite - Vejas Man Pasake (Pitched Dooown edit)

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