Sunday, July 22, 2012 Y 10:13 AM

so, yeah. Boyfriend and I are working together in this new band/collab, and I love it. I had actually been afraid to ask Boyfriend first because well, we didn't know each other well and you never know -- bitch coulda been crazy! But regardless I did email Boyfriend and luckily BF accepted to work on this together. So far I have recorded two more songs, one or two written -- so we're still infants, kinda, but i know what i wanna do -- and yesterday we released our new music film + song! major love!!! (i do vocals, BF does everything else) everyone has been really getting into it, even diplo tweeted bout it, got lil internet to call the cops on us. super nice email responses from other people, and yeah! so I'm happy. I shot this vid in front of an apartment complex and in the scene where i am beating my face with a dick, at one point I noticed and older person with a garden on their second floor balcony looking my way. i thought i was getting the cops called on me, never came, but what would i have said about the flashlight and dildo in my bag? lol. i mean i coulda said, "wanna play?" but i would be too afraid to be on that damn sex offender list. :(

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