Tuesday, May 22, 2012 Y 11:54 AM

Okay so per usual I listen to an album for like forever to still try to make mind up about it. Apparently I was skeptical about MDNA mainly I think now looking back because of the LMFAO appearance on it. And because I felt like they were being used to somehow sell the album, etc. Luckily it is nothing LMFAO-like (not knocking on them just not my own taste). But also there were, I think this is the standard I guess in many 'pop' albums, many tracks made of fromage -- that stanky foot cheese that crumbles (Masterpiece). But where it succeeds, like usual, Madonna turns it out. But also I was kinda like "omg" about loving the songs that I loved because in someways I felt like some cult follower that felt that somehow I was making myself like some songs just to say I liked more songs off the album than I did, I think (I'm A Sinner). But there were those undeniable amazing tracks that I thought "fawkk" Madonna either knows what she is doing or this was lucky (Addicted To Your Love, on repeat x 8). Again, maybe because I am musically inclined to dance music (I dnk not really... also dance music is a term that old people use when they don't feel like calling music techno :p) I kinda went like yay another dance album from Madonna... and let's all be honest Confessions was like a revelation when it came out. So MDNA, great when it's great and cheese towards the end.... also if I had recently been divorced this would probably be my life anthem.

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