Monday, October 10, 2011 Y 6:33 PM

 I asked Ming (of Ming & FS) to create a mixtape inspired by the willow tree. You can also catch a special project from Ming and 2Beeps, "The Nutz", out now.
"When I was a kid we had a huge weeping willow tree in our backyard.  I used to love climbing that thing and hang out on its limbs with the longs branches flowing in the wind all around me...until hurricane Andrew came and kicked the shit out of it.  The storm uprooted the tree from the yard and it came smashing down on the lawn.  It wasn't until the "Womping Willow" in the Harry Potter movies did I see such mayhem caused by a tree again.  This "Womping Willow" mix is based on that beautiful willow tree fighting the storm.  And yes, I am a Potter nerd.      
             Plus I'm showcasing  a bunch of to -be released tracks from my Hood Famous Music label!"

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