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While Kim Ann Foxman toured Europe and stuff I emailed Kim to ask her if she was willing to make a mixtape using the tracks on the Trax Records: The 25th Anniversary Album (off of the Trax Records: The 25th Anniversary Collection, out now). I asked Kim to get lost in the music and get experimental.

While working on this project I was wanting to find a way to honor the people who are rarely given any attention, or credit, in the way that they helped form and drive the dance music scene into what it's become today. Luckily, and coincidentally, Kim Ann is an out and proud musician and one of the many "women" in dance music.

Cheers to us queers, people who identify as women, gender impersonators, people of color, people with little money and to everyone who drives this community who feel that they have not been thanked enough for their contributions.

The tape debuted exclusively on SPIN, big thanks to SPIN and Kim <3

Mixed by Kim Ann Foxman

In The Beginning - Chuck Roberts
Happiness - Two Of A Kind
I Can't Forget - Mr. Lee
Time Marches On - Jungle Wonz
Trax You Lost - The Housemaster Boyz
Lost In The Groove - Hercules
Do You Know Who You Are - Virgo
You Used to Hold Me - Screamin' Rachael, DJ Gem
Help - DJ Rush
Hot Hands - Hula
It's A Cold World - Jamie Principle
Our House Is Funkdified - George Clinton, Screamin' Rachael

You can catch Kim Ann on tour now: 
Oct 29th: Greensboro, North Carolina w/ Mathew Dear
Nov 11th: LA, CA
Nov 13th: Milan, Italy
Nov 24th: Hamburg, Germany
Nov 25th: @ Berghain Kantine: Berlin, Germany
Nov 26th: @Flamingo: Berlin, Germany
Nov:27th: Brussels, Belgium
Dec 2nd: Helsinki, Finland
Dec 3rd: @Galleria 19: Naples, Italy

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