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1. Echk Mcfuwfeen 08:01
2. Symphawneek #9 07:23
3. WDIg2g? 05:41
4. Ya-Ya 05:01
5. Tdrippppz 02:41
6. Wuyrship 03:32

Back when I was in NY earlier this year I was sitting with a friend I remembering him recounting a bit of his own regret for not learning how to produce music, even though, he had always been in the sessions... I think it's still hard for me to accept that I'm even in the music industry -- or anything really, LOL. #mentalissues

But I really have for the most part for the beginning of the year began to in a way gather up a sense of my own aggression for at the very least not even trying to learn or experiment with making my own music. I think for a while it was because I was told I had no rhythm when I was in 4th grade and trying to learn the saxophone (it was also my very first time trying to even play anything). I also never understood notes, or anything like that. So I think I just never thought I was even worthy of trying or anything because I felt like I had no business trying. Which in today's modern world is stupid for me to think. So stupid, but regardless, I'm not one to limit myself, right?

Well sometimes, like in this case, I just avoid the issue altogether and eventually later give in to my own curiosities. So even though this EP isn't necessarily my very first piece of music to have been out -- it's the first time I've taken myself to construct something from scratch, or in some cases, to learn to manipulate machines and computer stuff, to get the results I want.

So after seeing Leo give up on a video game, I just pushed myself to make something. And what I came out with was this and a remix for our band which will be out later in June.

Noehze for me was a lot about playing, constructing, deconstructing, and just trying to make things that are just more playful and experimental. I feel like so much about the music that I even manage, or am surrounded by is made with the purpose of being enjoyed and played and monetized, but for me I literally just wanted to make something with no expectations. I was just having fun! What a concept! Of course later my anxieties began to overtake me and some songs were sad, and yes, they are talking about things I'm going through at this moment, but overall this first EP was about just expressing myself through music production.

I received a lot of extremely nice feedback for this EP, for which I am super thankful. And yes I forgot to post about this when it came out because I'm going through a stage in my life right now where I feel worthless and am just mass producing a lot of work and trying to cope with myself and what I've been going through the past couple of months, so.... I'm sorry lol.

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