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So it was pretty weird that, like last year where out of nowhere almost, a pretty radical life choice was made mainly out of me actually knowing about parabens and SLS but like everyone else not taking it that seriously until like a few days ago where I was up and quit my glamorous Victoria Secret perfume loving everything. But more thoughts on that way later because I'm actually chronicling the changes, so many before and afters to come. But so I went to Walmart yesterday and was pretty much just shitting around and found that on the bottles of Mrs. Meyers there were basil seeds that I believe were being given away for Earth Day. So today I woke up hella early because for like no reason I've been so unable to stay up past like 14 hours (no B12 reaction?). W.e so like everything in life sometimes you just miss out on things in your own backyard because you're spending too much time spending your insufferable head stuck up your ass. So I was pretty shocked to see that a tree that I had bought at Home Depot, I believe for my sister's bday or Mother's Day like in '04 to be growing! It had spent so much time just ashy and dead and stuff with nothing coming out of it. I'm also somewhat dreading the fact that I may be turning into one of "those people". Been getting this out paraben/sls/phalates free, telling them the harm of them and then having my sister tell me I better not be one of those organic freaks around her baby ,-,

will i be wearing those ugly sixty dollar hemp skirt and cork sandals someday? ¬____•

(this is the tree coming out of nowhere)

and my mom told me a while  ago that my grandma had like "rejado" a bunch of seeds one day, which I believe are mint, but also grow lavender. I remember the little things didn't really have a profound look to them at first and for the longest time I thought they were just like bush but eventually they became like big. 

here you can see how the lavender/mint is already reaching my windows.

these things have like a resilient mind or something because at one point my mom told the lawn people to cut it all off because there were too many bees and things around them, but like how beautiful is the fact we have these little creatures to thank for providing us some free labor. Also the lavender and mint grow hella big in the patch of land where I one day spread a shit ton of miracle grow like way back in the yesterday. So who knowns if monsanto now owns my house and my body, but I didn't know about those things before. Would dropping my dog's shits on there be as good as using manure? 

little flowers growing on the mystery tree

I put one packet of seeds in to this previous noise piercing cleansing chicken bowl

but first I got Anamile, who also helped me out, to plant these seeds along the mystery tree of life. Anamile will be able to call this zer own when they grow. I also wanted to test out which would grow, and how differently they would grow. outside vs inside

the much more tame, miracle gro-less lavender/mint.

little green testicles also growing.

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