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Perhaps this may be misleading and many people probably assumed that I was going to make this a political rant on the fashion industry problems BUT, no, lol. I'm just a bit like, HELLO, to all these years of writing on Lady Gaga's clothes.

You know I expect people in major fashion writing positions to understand that one of the reasons why Lady Gaga is so incredible is because she is one of the few people who will wear a designers look from head to toe, including the makeup, the shoes accessories and any other thing they envisioned. Lady Gaga is like a walking couture show, and a major supporter of up and comers -- and someone never afraid of not looking conventionally pretty.

The majority of the clothes that she now wears is all exclusive and designer (like that archive Versace she wore in "The Edge of Glory"). Also Lady Gaga made a huge splash in all that McQueen at the VMA's, and the look was straight out of the runway. But all I remember was a bunch of people rolling their eyes the day after... #hatersgonhate. Not to mention that Hussein Chalayan designed the pod that she was carried in at the Grammy's!

I get it, people are just going to hate on her and I am not one that is going to sit here trying to defend her constantly, it is what it is. But some of these fashion people writing about her clothes and comparing her to a clown is something I would have expected from a mainstream crowd (US Weekly writers), not highly respected fashion magazines, or fashion blogs. Need we remember why we love the couture shows?

We shouldn't sell our integrity for a pageview ....

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