Wednesday, September 7, 2011 Y 11:38 PM

I had an incredibly difficult time reviewing this album and I received it like a month ago. 

Not gonna lie to y'all this was tough because I was confused by how beautiful the album is. Track after track the way the band plays and how well it was captured on the recording is far from the more low-fi settings that I remember Girls from. In fact this album sounds solidly expensive, in a music industry sort of expensive. The expensive you get from actually working with engineers and having the mastering, etc. Not only are the way the band is performing track after track solid, so is Christopher's voice. But far from just being a somewhat gimmicky ode to a "past-sound" that so many critics are painting this album out to be, the album is more of this intense intimate collection of songs about someone who you love, don't love, who you see go away, who you want back. The album itself has songs like "Vomit" that were written as songs before the full formation of the band but together they just create a portrait of another love album. In some ways it felt like the soundtrack to the antithesis of the typical Californian stereotype that we think of when it comes to that lifestyle. Girls' world seems to be more rugged, working class and full of love trials. But I guess when you're fighting for the love of your life to stay with you, or just suffering any emotion from love--it never matters where you're at. It will hurt and bring you right back to your most primal of states; stripping you away from accolades, achievement, life position, location and anything that you thought made you invincible. 

9.4 out of 10 tiny red shoes

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