Saturday, April 23, 2011 Y 10:26 PM

• wtf Crayola?
• LOL to that flamboyant demon from Insidious
Insidious was pretty tight
• The demon from Insidious should date the Jeeper's Creepers monster
• That nerd from Insidious is super cute
• I have yet to have a great cheeseburger this week
• Nothing makes the energy in a movie theater more tense that shh-ing people and
 physically slapping someone's foot off the seat
• Too many high school dreams!
• I had a dream about being at the Grammy's... and seeing people from high school there :/
• I want to see that new Tyler Perry movie
• I can't believe it's Saturday
• I wonder where errone is
• I'm excited for my pink and sky blue moleskines
• this eos is making my lips dry :|
Rio is so beautiful
• Why was i getting emotional during Rio
Rio made me want to live!




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