Friday, November 5, 2010 Y 3:58 AM

ok, ok so I know Nan Goldin is like the most obvious photographer people list off when they first start learning about photo but the reason I posted these was because I was thinking about what if Nan Goldin was creating work today, would her friends on facebook make them status pics? My mom added an image of mine as hers, but it's not like she likes how I document her. I was also thinking about photography today and how people who are photographers tend to not have 'glorious' facebook pics. They tend to be photobooth pics a lot of the times. I was also thinking about how Nan inspired so many people but somehow a lot of people tend to just have taken the romantic side of her images and not so much the pain and hurt. Beautiful people bleeding, dying and decomposing. As opposed to look at how cool and sexy I am, which is nice but in a way like most things has become repetitive and boring. Just thoughts, what do you think?

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