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Thanks for all the images as well as taking most of Sunday to catch up on SS '11, which for the most part most "major designers" i.e Marc Jacobs, Armani, Michael Kors, Burberry etc. did the most lackluster collections. I had to go to other designers to catch up on 'inspiring' things but even then all I noticed were color choices I've been dying to have in my wardrobe for a year now. This post is more about taking the SS '11 looks and making them a fall reality because why wait months to wear it, right?

Pants: I would love all these looks and color in a chino cut. Chino cuts are just so flattering to my body. I would also make them a bit more stiff, like a chino and roll them, I love the rolling of pants and wearing black trouser socks underneath; other socks would be too bulky, too 80's.

Baby Blue/Blue/Powder Blue: Reminds me of all those gel pens and the video for Britney Spears "Sometimes" and 1998. I've been noticing the color in accessories but they end up looking foolish. I'd much rather have knits and chino cut bottoms... I took a pair of baby blue chinos and made them into shorts, shorts I almost always have to cut from trousers or chinos because 'men's' shorts never fit right.. Baby blue chinos via Vineyard Vines.

Patterns: These patterns just speak to me from the fur (faux I hope) skirt which would be awesome for a vest-which i rock btw- to the nautical to that floral pattern from Jil Stuart. I would love a leopard print cardigan.

Knits/Tops: Rachael Roy needs to make me some sweaters. Most of these I would wear off the runway, if they fit of course. I would make minor cut changes as highlighted by the outlining and then if I drew around the legs that means I would like that in a chino cut bottom.


Baby Blue/Powder Blue/Blue



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